Welcome to the launch of the AC Global Bulletin.  Here at the Association for Coaching (AC) we’re very excited about it and we hope you will be too.

This bulletin is the culmination of AC’s development over the last few years. The global team has been reaching out extensively - in India, Turkey, Italy, Greece, UAE, Spain and elsewhere - receiving an enthusiastic welcome. It is time now to reflect this in our communications and to create a platform to hear your voices too, from all over the world.

I feel immensely privileged to be the Editor, and honoured to have been invited. I have been a member of the AC since its birth, appreciative of its values, energy and vision, and proud now to be making my contribution.  Personally, this bulletin is a special way-marker for me in a journey that began a long time ago.  As a writer and journalist, then psychotherapist and for the last 20 years as a coach I have always been fascinated by both the similarities and the distinctions in the issues, dreams and goals that people share – the interplay of individual and universal.  I now work all over the world developing leaders; in recent years I have begun to see both business and coaching embrace the complexity of interdependence that a global perspective highlights, the challenges this brings and our opportunities to contribute.  

The ethos of the AC is about bridging differences, valuing diversity and at the same time developing a language, standards and a robust ethical base for coaching that speaks to our emerging profession, globally.  It is the richness of our differences that nourish the development of diverse coaching approaches, but it is the depth and strengh of our values

and our urge to communicate that bring us together around a global vision of coaching in service to people, organisations, business, to fulfil our potential in its widest sense.

The Bulletin is supported by a diverse and talented Editorial Board (see below). A few weeks ago we had a discussion about whether to call the Bulletin ‘International’ or ‘Global’ and came down firmly on ‘Global’.  Why?  Because, Global goes beyond international – it expresses our recognition of our interconnectedness and our desire at AC to create a forum for sharing ideas – to explore coaching’s role together.  As Philippe Rosinski puts it in his new book, ‘… many challenges people face, particularly the hardest ones, are multifaceted. Everything is connected. Traditional coaching simply doesn’t address this complexity….Global coaching helps us face challenges in our daily lives, helps organizations and societies achieve sustainable goals, and promotes long-term benefits for our planet. Global coaching highlights how closely these goals are intertwined’.

This bulletin is a part of the global coaching project Rosinski implies when he urges us to tap into that collective ‘power, responsibility and right we all have to forge a better life for ourselves and for others, and to find more joy and meaning in everything we do’.   Read his flagship article here.

I extend my warm invitation to you to dive in and explore the rich line-up of articles, starting with Philippe Rosinski’s comprehensive outline of the global coaching approach.  We asked Engin Baran to tell us about the development of coaching in Turkey, Sir John Whitmore, one of the venerable originators of coaching treats us to his latest passions and Mary Collins introduces us to Generation Y.  Katherine Tulpa shares an inspiring interview with Abi Comber, board-level executive at British Airways, and her coach, Adrienne Candy. You will find part 2, (continued from the last edition of the UK bulletin) of the Journey into Mastery with Ian Saunders and Ray Charlton and part 2 of Lessons from master coaches themselves, 

fruits of the study by Sue Stockdale and Clive Steeper.   One of my own passions is coaching’s reach beyond the mainstream: Andy Shipley and Zdenka Jankowska kick off a regular column about the impact of coaching’s contribution on marginalized groups.  Find out about AC developments in supervision, the launch of the Global Research Team and books that have inspired us, while Angela Ryan challenges us to reflect on the delicate relationship between external coaches and HR. 

My thanks go to Sarah Adams for her long, painstaking work of getting the articles up online, and to our Editorial Board for helping to shape the profile and direction of our new Global Bulletin.

I hope you will find much to stimulate you.  We welcome your views, suggestions and contributions.   Do get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you! 

Hetty Einzig
AC Global Bulletin

Editorial Board

Katherine Tulpa, CEO, AC, Co-founder Wisdom8
Declan Woods, AC Global Head, Standards and Accreditation, Director ZPD Consulting
Gill Smith, AC UK Chair, Training & Organisational Consultant
Anne Archer, AC Global Research Team, Director Anne Archer Associates
Phillippe Rosinski, MD Rosinski & Company
Dave de Filippo, Chief Learning Officer BNY Mellon
John Whitmore, Chair Performance Consultants International

We are looking to add to the board, especially with representatives from Asia, Australia, India, Spain, Turkey, South America. If you have editorial or writing experience and this would be of interest, do contact us.